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Supporting medical trips to Alberta

My daughter Brandi was about a year old when she had her first Urinary Tract Infection. It wasn’t until the UTI’s became more frequent that we went to our family doctor who determined something must be causing them. By the time Brandi was 5 she was having UTI’s regularly. At this point we were referred to a visiting pediatrician who referred us back to our doctor with instructions to refer Brandi to a Pediatric Urologist. Upon discussing this with our Family Doctor and doing a little research, our Doctor referred us to Dr. Kiddoo at the Pediatric Urology Clinic in the Stollery Hospital in Edmonton, AB.

Brandi’s initial intake appointment was in April 2012. Our next appointment was for testing & diagnosis with Dr. Kiddoo in September 2012. After our daughter had a cystogram we were informed that she had Grade 2 Reflux into her Right Kidney. And that she would need to come back for a full kidney scan to check for damages/scarring as that type of scan isn’t available up north. After this appointment we returned home with a plan for Brandi: antibiotics taken daily to prevent infection, closely monitoring her diet and waiting to see if she would outgrow the condition.

Initially we called the first place that came to mind, the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton. They were able to get us a discount rate at hotels in Edmonton for Brandi’s April & September appointments. But that was as much as they could do to help. It was at this point we realized we could not afford to keep traveling to Edmonton for these trips as each trip was costing us $500 for hotel, gas & food; plus time off of work so Jason could stay home with our son. And our families were not able to help us financially. So I went online to the local Dawson Creek Mom’s Facebook group and asked what was out there for helping families with children requiring medical care in Edmonton. The response I got was great! I was told about Friends of Children, how to contact them and how they help by paying for hotels, gas costs & parking near the hospital.

We were so grateful to find this information! The day after I found this information the Stollery called us & had an opening in one week (October 2012) for the scan. I immediately called Kelly Sharp and began the process of getting help thru Friends of Children. We would not have been able to afford going back for the testing so quickly had it not been for F of C.

In February 2013 Brandi’s condition worsened and the UTI’s were happening again & more frequently. The antibiotics were no longer working. So we called the Peds Urology clinic and they booked Brandi an appointment with Dr. Kiddoo at the Stollery for the end of March 2013. Again F or C was able to pay for a hotel stay and the cost of gas/parking for the trip. At this appointment we discussed that she was not getting any better, but actually worsening. After much discussion Dr. Kiddoo recommended a minimally invasive procedure called Deflux as well as a cystoscopy. Brandi’s surgery was booked for May 1, 2013.

Again F of C was able to help us cover the cost of the trip to Edmonton for our daughter’s surgery. Now 2 months later Brandi’s health has improved drastically. And we are hopeful that the procedure worked, but only time will tell. Our next appointment will be either in a year or if another Urinary Tract Infection occurs.

We never would have come this far had we not found Friends of Children. By paying for hotels, gas & parking they make it possible for families like us to get our children the medical attention they need. And they are the only organization that does this for Northern BC families with children requiring medical attention in Edmonton or Vancouver.

Thank you again Friends of Children & Kelly for all that you have done for our family!

the Wry Family