100% of donated funds go to assisting families with children in extraordinary medical need!


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Helping Children in Northern BC & East Kootenay


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100% of donated funds go to assisting families with children in extraordinary medical need!

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Friends of Children is a registered charity assisting Northern BC and East Kootenay families who have children with an extraordinary medical need. For sick, injured, chronically ill, or disabled children, travelling to out of town medical appointments can be overwhelming and cause emotional and financial strain on families. Friends of Children are here to assist with the travel, accommodation and meal costs associated with appointments, surgeries and consultations outside of a child’s home community. We may also be able to assist with therapies and specialized equipment related to a child’s medical condition.

Each year our registered charity receives over 250 requests from families for assistance. Friends of Children supports each of these requests through direct funding and/or coordination with other agencies to provide information and access to additional supports specific to the child’s condition and the family’s need.

Friends of Children is funded through the generosity of sponsors, government grants, private donors and fundraising events. As valued members of our organization, volunteers assist with fundraising and society operations. Friends of Children works hard to maintain our valuable services to Northern BC and East Kootenay families so they are able to put their attention where it should be; on their children.

Needing assistance or wanting to provide help, Friends of Children is pleased you have found us. Together we can ensure Northern BC and East Kootenay children receive the assistance they need to be healthy and happy.