100% of donated funds go to assisting families with children in extraordinary medical need!



The Friends of Children Mission

  1. To assist families living in northern British Columbia and East Kootenays who are unable to meet exceptional medical costs related to the needs of their child (up to 19 years of age).
  2. To assist families with non-medical costs arising as a direct result of their child’s medical condition, including travel and accommodation.
  3. To assist as a coordinator among other organizations and service clubs.
  4. To provide information surrounding resources and types of support that may be available to assist a family’s needs.

Friends of Children is NOT limited to one specific diagnosis. Instead, it considers the demand an ailment places on the family when providing information, resources, financial links, or financial assistance to families.

Northern BC Friends of Children Society is the legal name of our charitable organization, but we are known as Friends of Children, a vital support for Northern BC and East Kootenay children in medical need. Medical emergencies can be overwhelming; we are here to provide non-medical help. Countless medical appointments can put an emotional and financial strain on the family, we are here to assist with travel, accommodation and meal costs. Friends of Children may be able to assist with therapies and specialized equipment related to your child’s medical condition.

Please consider donating or, if your family is in need, find out if you are eligible.