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Please Note:

Prior to submitting any receipts all support requests must be pre-approved and we require that a note from the clinic or hospital confirming attendance at the appointment is submitted with the receipts.

All receipts need to be original (not summary slips) dated and itemized. Please try to match the receipts to the dates of the appointments and review that no duplicates are sent. Please ensure all receipts have only the approved items on them, for example if approved for $100 in food support, please only remit receipts with food items only, not any other products such as restaurant receipts. With gas please have gas only no batteries, windshield wiper fluid etc.

To expediate the payment process send a photo or scan of a VOID cheque form from your bank in order to pay your account directly ... or include a copy of our PAD agreement.

If you have any trouble please email support@friendsofchildren.ca.

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